Playing On Stage Education


P.O.S.E. (Playing On Stage Education) is a collaboration of theatre professionals Danielle Lebens, Josh Evans, and Stephanie Evans.  We believe theatre education is about children gaining confidence, learning work ethic, and strengthening their acting tools including body, voice, and imagination! With P.O.S.E. kids grow individually while working with others toward a common goal.

We have a well rounded approach to theatre that also includes arts and crafts components. In our Shakepspeare...Or Something Like It! program, when they're not working on stage, kids enjoy educational art projects that connect to the material we are studying. Their creations become part of the decoration for the final performance. 

In our Musical Theatre program, kids are called for rehearsals to sing, dance, and act in preparation for their final show. Larger than life sets complete the theatre experience. Our directors help coordinate costumes and will work with your school's space to create a memorable performance for kids and their families. 

Our ongoing weekend classes give kids an opportunity to learn even more! They'll love playing theatre games and learning how to improvise in Saturday Improv with Mr. Josh. They'll enjoy moving their bodies and gaining coordination in Sunday Yoga with Ms. Danielle. Contact us for info on private lessons.

NEW! Summer Workshops keep the fun going all year long. Choose from one of our five workshops held at St. Francis Xavier School in Burbank. With all the variety there is something for all types of theatre lovers. If your child enjoys playing pretend, telling stories, creating art, moving, singing, and having fun, this is the place for them to play on stage!

Our Team

Our theatre professionals want to help your kids garner a love for theatre and learn to express themselves through our arts and theatre arts programs. Our teachers are skilled in directing, writing, acting, dancing, singing, improv, and more! No matter which program you choose, you'll be hiring teachers who love theatre and love playing on stage with your kids!